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♥ Welcome to my blog ♥
  Hey y'all im Jessica im from heaven haha just kiddin..nevermind im pretty serious :p but yeah im Florida Grown im 24, Im in love with Chris young, God bless his momma and daddy for having that gorgeous man he is so well raised, he's a little older for my taste but hey im down for some cougar cub shit id be that mans cub in 2 seconds..... I love everything country, the second love of my life after chris young is luke bryan btw his ass was carved by angels as you can see above :D. I do have a girly side but im not a obnoxious girly girl, i didn't come from much, i don't judge people iv'e been through a lot, im open minded, im super nice.  My blog is country-ish with a touch of random stuff i like, i hope yall enjoy it. I do have kik if anyone wants to kik just ask  
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