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  Hey y'all im Jessica im from heaven haha just kiddin..nevermind im pretty serious :p but yeah im Florida Grown im 24, Im in love with Chris young, God bless his momma and daddy for having that gorgeous man he is so well raised ,i want to high five his parents, i'm a huge fan of there work that man is the prettiest thannggggg iv ever seen in my life... I also got it bad for Luke bryan  between that ass and that pelvic thrust damn i dunno which one i love more. . I do have a girly side but im not a obnoxious girly girl, i didn't come from much, i don't judge people iv'e been through a lot, i found out the hard way blood isn't always thicker then water sometimes it's your family who hurt you the most.... im open minded, im super nice.  My blog is country-ish with a touch of random stuff i like, i hope yall enjoy it. I do have kik if anyone wants to kik just ask  
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