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♥ Welcome to my blog ♥
Hey y'all im Jessica im from heaven haha just kiddin..nevermind im pretty serious :p but yeah i live in Florida im 23, Im in love with Chris young, God bless his momma and daddy for having that gorgeous man he is so well raised, he's a little older for my taste but hey im down for some cougar cub shit id be that mans cub in 2 seconds..... I love everything country i like blake shelton,luke bryan btw his ass was carved by angels as you can see above ha, hunter hayes,FGL,brantley gilbert are my top 5 Chris young being my favorite. I do have a girly side but im not a obnoxious girly girl, i didn't come from much, i don't judge people iv'e been through a lot, im open minded, im super nice. Follow me ill follow back, unless your a fake blog.... a example of a fake blog would be ""damp panties" or some weird shit like that then i wont follow it if it looks like a robot runs that shit lol Other then that my blog is country-ish with a touch of random stuff i like, i hope yall enjoy it

♥Likes: Country boys,Chris young,Brantley gilbert,FGL,Blake shelton,Country accents,Luke bryan, justin moore,eric chruch,thomas rhett,Gentlemen,God,My dogs,Blue eyes,Tall guys,Lifted trucks,Muddin,hunting,the beach,being called darlin i dunno why but it melts my heart,theme parks are badass,concerts,tanning,shopping,man scoping,laughing because being serious sucks booo serious people... anything fun im game i also like duck dynasty,honey boo boo and tons of other stuff i dont feel like typin out cause im lazy lol

♥Dislikes: Bullies,people who talk shit online,Justin Bieber,One direction,Rude people,Snobs,i hate pop music most of it went to hell,

Feel free to ask anything, i do ask though for everyone to be nice
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